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Clover Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Takumi Combo Set Art. No. 3683


Art No. 3683
Made in Japan

Only the finest bamboo can become Takumi.
Our high-quality knitting needles are created with the properties of the finest natural bamboo and the long - nurtured Clover manufacturing technique. The more you knit with our Takumi needles, the more you’ll love knitting.

We give them an ultra-smooth finish.
With the proper glide of the yarn, your hands will not feel tired -- even after knitting for a long time.

We finish the needles to a uniform thickness.
They are finished to accurate specifications to ensure even loops and a beautiful knit finish.

Our easy-knit needle point will not split yarns.
The needle point is rounded by Clover’s high technology method.  

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