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100% Cotton Worsted Eco-friendly The Golden Sun Yarn is your BFF in knitting and crocheting. It's your go-to yarn even when there are chunky yarns and sport-weight yarns calling your name. There are no limitations to what type of worsted-weight yarn you can knit with. Worsted-weight yarns look fantastic when you knit them with a lot of texture.


Ideal for baby blanket, baby clothing, sweater, and more. Also great for making winter scarf and muffler scarf. Cashmere, Silk Cotton Blended Yarn Weight: 45g / Ball - Length: 130m Shrink-resistant  Soft to the touch  ColorFast Recommended Knitting Needle Size: 4.5mm to 5.0mm, Crochet Needle Size: 3.0mm to 4.0mm


100% Acrylic  Yarn Thickness about 3mm  Shrink-resistant  Soft to the touch  ColorFast  Recommended Crochet Hook size: 3.5mm to 5mm  Ideal for beginners as the yarn thickness is easy to grip. Perfect for craft projects.